How to Burn Auto-Installer Deluxe (AID) on your XBOX

Auto-Installer Deluxe (AID) is an ingenious piece of software designed as an all-in-one maintenance and installation tool for your XBOX. What follows is an extract of the features it contains and what it can do for you:

  • Format your new Hard-Drive
  • Format your existing Hard-Drive for a new installation
  • Back up and Restore Save-Games, Partitions etc
  • Install the latest version of the MS XBOX Dashboard
  • Install / Uninstall Homebrew Dashboards (Evox, Avalaunch, etc)
  • Install / Uninstall Homebrew Applications (XBMC, etc)
  • Install / Uninstall Homebrew Emulators (MAME, etc)
  • Install Auto-Installer Deluxe to your Hard-Drive

This is just a fraction of all it can do – it simply is marvelous to use. As AID itself is fairly self-explanatory this guide will only cover the steps needed to acquire the needed files and how to burn them.

What you want to do first of all is to download the AID image, i.e. the copy of the AID DVD. This is done by going on the AID homepage and going to Downloads. Under Auto-Installer Deluxe Downloads you are presented with the choice of a direct download (through MediaFire) or a torrent-download (through Auto-Installer Deluxe’s tracker). I recommend the tracker as it usually gives you the better speeds – the choice is yours’. If using the tracker, choose the Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.50 Final torrent and download it (you will need a torrent-client to do this).

Extracting and burning

AID Menu
After downloading, you will be presented with a lot of xbhqaid4-files. Open one of these in WinRAR and extract all content to any place you designate. The most “important” file you’ll end up with is the Auto-Installer.Deluxe.v4.50.FINAL.iso – this is the image (copy of DVD) you will need to burn. The other files and folders are just add-on packages with which you can enhance your current image file. Open your favorite burning-application, insert an empty DVD and burn away! Make sure you’re not burning the image as a file, but as an image. This is important, because if you don’t do this correctly you will end up with a DVD with one file on it – the image. And that’s not the point ;) .

Now, when you’d like the use AID on your XBOX, simply insert the DVD and restart – the XBOX will boot from AID and you will see the menu appear! Good luck!






4 responses to “How to Burn Auto-Installer Deluxe (AID) on your XBOX”

  1. CCCIS Avatar

    thanks for the emulator xbox tutorial. Under Auto-Installer Deluxe Downloads you are presented with the choice of a direct download (through MediaFire) or a torrent-download (through Auto-Installer Deluxe’s tracker) is where i had a little trouble but i figured it out.

  2. Blaze Uchiha Avatar
    Blaze Uchiha

    Can you update this with more recent links and information?

  3. Blaze Uchiha Avatar
    Blaze Uchiha

    Also does this work on a stock Xbox or does it require either a hard or a soft mod?

  4. Douglas Avatar

    Hi Blaze Uchiha,

    I see that v4.53 has been released, from

    I can find a magnet link on but I’m afraid it doesn’t seem to be very alive, i.e. there are only a handful of seeders. If you find an alternative method of downloading it, please feel free to share it here and I’ll update the post.

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