XBOX Hardware Specifications

  • CPU
    • 733MHz Pentium III with 128Kb L2-cache
  • Memory
    • 64MB DDR SDRAM
  • Graphics
    • nVidia NV2A ASIC 64MB
  • Storage
    • 2x-5x DVD-ROM Drive
    • either 8GB Western Digital or 10GB SeaGate Harddrive formatted to FATX
      • C: boot partition
      • D: DVD-drive
      • E: data partition
      • F: additional data partition (usually not available)
      • X:, Y:, Z: game caches
  • Audio
    • nVidia MCPX with 64 3D voice channels
  • Power supply
    • 130W


6 responses to “XBOX Hardware Specifications”

  1. Liam Avatar


  2. […] to the PC Advisor for the XBOX ONE info, thanks to Wikipedia for the XBOX and XBOX 360 as well as Thy Old XBOX and […]

  3. Brent Avatar

    The original xbox is always a good console moreso if it’s modded!

  4. Douglas Avatar

    Agreed! It’s a great little machine, thanks to its versatility it’s perfect for both gaming, media center, server and other uses!

  5. yel Avatar

    even its just got intel celeron 3 its still a beast on 2001 

  6. Douglas Avatar

    The Pentium series of processors were superior to much of the other CPUs at the time, definitely!

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