How to Order Replacement Parts for your XBOX

Did something suddenly break in your XBOX? Are you unable to start the XBOX or play any games anymore? Don’t panic – there might be a way of solving your problems, which is what I will discuss in this article.

What you need to know before proceeding is what actually is broken in your XBOX. This is not the time for guessing-games, you must have in some way made sure what’s broken and what is working. An XBOX is pretty stable as it is, so if something has gone wrong I suggest checking the DVD-ROM first of all – as it’s one of the more sensitive parts. One way of testing the DVD-ROM would perhaps be to take it out of the box and put it in a computer – on which you could run tests and diagnose if it was malfunctioning.

So, now that you’ve figured out what’s broken, let me bring you the cold facts. The only parts you can replace are the power supply, the motherboard, the DVD-drive, the daughter board, the hard drive and the controller. Although it doesn’t sound like much, it covers pretty much everything inside an XBOX, thus you will most likely be able to replace what’s broken!

Now, to actually find these things you need to either buy a new XBOX and exchange the parts, or find someone who sells them. I would personally recommend The Llama. He has a major supply and hosts some really helpful guides on how to get the parts installed.

Hopefully you’ve now been able to order replacement parts to get your XBOX up and running again. I wish you all the good luck!






2 responses to “How to Order Replacement Parts for your XBOX”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Xbox parts are getting harder and harder to come by. Really if you need parts to fix your xbox, then you are better off buying a broken console and getting parts from that.

  2. Douglas Avatar

    Agreed. That’s probably the only way you can get hold of them nowadays, unless of course you’re ordering a part that the XBOX shares with other PCs (meaning they exist elsewhere!).

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