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Properly cleaning your XBOX, along with other maintenance, ensures you are running at the highest speed and longest lifetime of your XBOX.


What I am going to go through in this guide is how to explore the hard-drive’s contents, how to view all the files and directories on the drive. By going through what’s on the drive you will learn more about how the applications work and what an XBOX really is made up of.


In this post I will outline the main reasons for getting a chipped XBOX. Installing a modchip is fairly cheap and gives you unlimited possibilities with your XBOX!


If you’re like me, aiming in first-person shooters with the XBOX controller is a pain. I’ve not yet fully mastered the technique, but I still want to give some basic tips on how to aim properly in XBOX games.

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Did something suddenly break in your XBOX? Are you unable to start the XBOX or play any games anymore? Don’t panic – there might be a way of solving your problems, which is what I will discuss in this article.


Is your movie-collection starting to fill up the hard-drive? Or do you just want more space? Switching your old hard-drive for a new and big one is very easily done! This requires an XBOX with a modchip installed!