Category: Gaming

  • Play NTSC Games on a PAL XBOX

    Ever needed to play NTSC games on your European XBOX? Or the other way around? I will describe how to do this the easy way in this guide!

  • How to Copy Games to your XBOX

    If you want to be able to play your XBOX games without ever having to insert a DVD again, the best way is to simply copy the game to your hard drive and open it from there. This guide will show you how!

  • Tips to get Better at Aiming in XBOX Games

    If you’re like me, aiming in first-person shooters with the XBOX controller is a pain. I’ve not yet fully mastered the technique, but I still want to give some basic tips on how to aim properly in XBOX games.

  • How to Copy a SaveGame to your XBOX

    You’ve downloaded a cheat-savegame, or perhaps just a friend’s savegame, and you’re wondering where to copy it to? I will try to describe the process in this article.