The Advantages of Using a ModChip on an XBOX

In this post I will outline the main reasons for getting a chipped XBOX. These are just my personal opinions and reasons, if you have any other topics to add do feel free to comment on them!

A modchip is simply a replacement for the original Microsoft BIOS used in the XBOX. The BIOS is the code that first runs when booting a computer or XBOX, and it runs a number of checks on hardware among other things. Once these tasks are completed, it proceeds to load the operating system (the dashboard). Installing a modchip is essentially replacing the BIOS with an altered version, making a lot of things possible, as we shall see below.




  • Running unsigned code (such as backed up or copied games) is made possible through a modchip
  • Using packages such as the Auto-Installer Deluxe enables the installation of a host of different tools and applications
  • Running Linux on your XBOX is possible with a modchip (although it also is possible without)

The bottom-line is that there really are not disadvantages to installing and using a modchip. As chip-installations are fairly cheap today, you can very easily send your XBOX to a company and get it chipped without having to pay a lot.
The possibilities are endless with a modchip, go get your XBOX chipped now :) !



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5 responses to “The Advantages of Using a ModChip on an XBOX”

  1. zach Avatar

    hi i was just leting everyone that dont know that the guy who said u can only ftp if u have a mod chip thats a lie lie lie
    i ftp shit to mine everyday and i aint got no mod chip i got a ethernet cabel(not a crose over cale) and a laptop and filezilla thats all u need

  2. Douglas Avatar

    Are you sure you are not running a custom dashboard or so? The XBOX does not have a built-in FTP server out-of-the-box, so you must be running some sort of modified box in any case.

  3. gta para ps3

    The Advantages of Using a ModChip on an XBOX — Thy Old XBOX – Tips, Tweaks and Guides

  4. Dan Avatar

    Yes you need to have a modded Xbox to use file transfer. Zack probably doesn’t ever know what planet he’s on. He sounds like a dope

  5. Ron Avatar

    whether or not Zack knows what planet is on doesn’t change the fact that you DON’T need a modchip to FTP.
    or ANY of the things mentioned above – MY XBOX (original, v1.6) is SOFTMODDED, the modding was done with SOFTWARE NOT HARDWARE and everything mentioned above has been done without any issues – please look into this as YOU ARE SPREADING MIS-INFORMATION, tinkering with the hardware is NOT NECESSARY (and a risk I was unwilling to take (with my lack of soldering skills)).

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