Tips to get Better at Aiming in XBOX Games

If you’re like me, aiming in first-person shooters with the XBOX controller is a pain. You and I can’t get used to maneuvering the little black piece of plastic instead of the big and friendly computer mouse. I’ve not yet fully mastered the technique, but I still want to give some basic tips on how to aim properly in XBOX games.

Although perhaps there are some really good tips and tricks out there, let me bring you the bad news – you only have two options.

  1. Practice, practice, practice…
  2. Purchase an XBOX USB cable

Practicing is simply a matter of practice, buy first-person-shooter games like Halo, Black, Counter-Strike and just play them a lot. First, try to aim between targets quickly. Then, try doing the same whilst strafing or walking – you will eventually get into it!
A XBOX to USB cable is the cheap way of doing it – you can simply connect your regular PC mouse to the XBOX and just fire away. I’ve found one on eBay, you can probably find more out there. It will most likely not work in most games, however, so your best bet is the former option – practice, practice and practice!







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